Our 2023 Vision

Our 2023 Vision & How We Plan On Achieving It

We love working 1:1 with our clients.  Truly.  

But as we continue to grow, specialize, and gain credibility, we have become inaccessible to entrepreneurs just starting out.  & the new entrepreneurs are often the people who need help the most – I am so grateful for all of the help I received as a brand new entrepreneur and wouldn’t be here today without the resources, courses, and mentorships I was able to access at the investment level I was able to afford (almost nothing).  So much of this business was built on education and elbow grease. 

So this year, we’re working to build a comprehensive brand + web design course complete with brand strategy, lessons on how to create a professional logo, color palette, type suite, a modular website template, how to DIY a brand shoot, and more. 

So that you can leverage the power of design & business – at a fraction of the cost of hiring a brand and web designer – and you get to learn the skills so you can use them again and again as your business grows and changes (or you start new ones). 

We’re bringing in our favorite industry experts to help teach, and our very first beta tester is a brand new entrepreneur who is building her business on the side, time-strapped, young, with no background in design or business, and a big vision to bring to life.   Because we know you have limited time & need a course that just WORKS.  ( If you want to apply for our official beta round starting mid-2023, click here )

We’ll be going through our entire client process, breaking down each step for beginners.

It’s exciting for us because finally we can create something for impact beyond just our 1:1 work that can grow beyond us & reach more of you. xx

Beyond creating DIY/education tools, 

We hope to further build our partnerships (if you are a copywriter, photographer, hair/makeup artist, virtual assistant, or social media manager looking to receive referrals, OR a PR agency, Business Coach, or Hospitality Interior Design/Architecture group looking to provide clients with a trusted design contact, please reach out to us at amelia@aliadesignstudio.co to see if it may be a good fit x), refine our processes, and create more physical branded items (i.e. apparel, journals, stickers) just for fun. 

We also have 2 sister brands in the works.. top secret.

And eventually a move to Miami – I’ve been in Wisconsin for 22 years but am happiest in Miami and LA where there is water, sun, and a big design community. 

We are on a mission to share the power of design & business for entrepreneurs at all stages – f you have requests for educational products, blog post topics, or other ideas, please reach out, we’d love to hear from you. X 


Hi, I'm Amelia.  Brand Designer, Biz Strategist, & CEO of Alia Design Studio

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