Getting Ready for a Rebrand: A 6-Step Guide

The rebranding process is an incredible, refreshing, re-aligning experience.. When it’s done right.  It’s important to be prepared with everything you need to get the greatest ROI out of your project & build on a strong foundation.  These are our studio’s must-haves before the start date of your new branding project:

Know Your Goals.

What would a successful rebrand result in for you? Is it being able to pitch press and partnerships more effectively? Get ready to launch physical products & have the correct packaging design before you order? Have a baseline for social media marketing? Get specific & write these down so that your designer can help direct you to your goals.

Determine Your Level of Investment

It’s important to know this ahead of time so that you can be realistic and honest with your designer & find the best solution to achieve your goals – this can range greatly depending on where you are in your business journey & what your current priorities are

Find a Designer You Feel Deeply Aligned with

It should feel like a full-on YES to work with them.   You typically do not want to price shop here – unless pricing is unreasonable – it is 10/10 times more effective to find someone you are incredibly aligned with, seek out the package you can afford, and build from there, than it is to work with someone who is cheaper but misaligned, leading you to have to re-invest with someone else later (and hurt the credibility and consistency of your brand over time).  Think of who you would like to spend time with – who you think would expand you – who you think will “get” the vision right away – who will be a true partner to you as you develop your brand. 

Be Prepared to Supply Professional Photos

(Or ask for a referral from your designer) – at Alia we do offer full photo & video shoot planning & execution.  We also have a DIY resource coming soon if you prefer to plan your own.

Be Prepared to Supply Website Copy

(or ask for a copywriter referral from your designer)

Alternatively: this course by BTL copy is amazing 

Note: In our studio we do provide at a minimum a loose template of what copy you need – some clients opt to DIY it this way, but we do recommend that you seek guidance/a course if possible in order to maximize your branding and web ROI.

Have a Good Mindset

Trust yourself and trust your team – if you truly do choose professionals/educators who align with you, you are collaborators.  Ask your designer questions, share constructive feedback (article on leaving great feedback here) – and trust the process.  We are all on the same team and so excited for you to go on the journey of building a brand that will unlock the next level of press, partnerships, team-building, clients, etc. for your business. Xx

Hi, I'm Amelia.  Brand Designer, Biz Strategist, & CEO of Alia Design Studio

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