6 Steps to Give Great Design Feedback

The Branding & Web Design process is collaborative at its core – a synergy between an entrepreneur with a vision & a designer who is able to understand, translate, and bring that vision to life.  It’s incredibly important to have open and constructive communication throughout the process, and we’ve found that it can truly make or break the quality of a project.  The following are our best guidelines for working with your designer in a way that will make you both feel great & get the best results out of your investment. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Vocab

( See Our Brand Glossary Linked Here)

  • It’s easier to communicate clearly with your designer when you can speak the same language.  Understanding the basics will help you understand the process & industry terms better, avoiding misunderstandings/miscommunications. 

Be Specific

  • Don’t be afraid to kindly speak your mind.  Trust us – we are also obsessed with details – if you don’t like the curve on the corner of that letter “M”, be specific – we want you to love every detail. 

Provide Visual Examples

  • If you are having difficulty articulating your ideas, take a scroll on Pinterest and see if you can find a visual reference.  This ensures that you’re communicating/understanding the same idea as your designer – without the added verbal-to-visual mental translation. 

Be Constructive

  • It’s normal to have revisions!  Remember that it’s all part of the process – be constructive and use each draft as an opportunity to get closer to your vision.  

Ask Questions

  • To get the best ROI from your brand, it’s important to let your designer do their job.  Rather than specifying changes like “We need to use a thicker font” or “the logo needs to *pop* more”, try asking clarifying/probing questions like “is there a way we can make this text easier to read?”, “I was envisioning something with more contrast, is there a strategy reason why we would want it this way?”… 
  • This allows your designer to not only understand where you are coming from, but to also better translate your vision and priorities into the visual design in an informed and strategic way. 

Give a Compliment

  • As creatives, we care deeply about the concepts we send to our clients.  Our work is an extension of us, and we hope that it will resonate with you.  When it doesn’t, it can be difficult and disappointing, although sometimes a necessary part of the branding process.  Please be kind to your designers. We will always work to create something you love – we are collaborators, co-creators, and are as invested in this journey as you are. 

Hi, I'm Amelia.  Brand Designer, Biz Strategist, & CEO of Alia Design Studio

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