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Creating Timeless brands that feel like art & are built for business

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We work with businesses and entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage the power of great design to secure press, partnerships, & cult followings. We work with you to uncover your essence and bring it to life through our signature Brand Method - empowering you to build your business on the foundation of an immersive, bespoke brand identity. 


Artist by Nature, Businesswoman by Trade, & Founder of Alia Design Studio.

Alia Design Studio started after a lifelong love affair with the arts turned into a deep curiosity about the relationship between business and design.

 As a visionary entrepreneur, you want a beautiful brand. But you also need a tangible strategy to move the needle and help you attract the press, partnerships, and clients that will move you closer to having the impact you started your business to achieve. We are a design studio passionate about building on the intersection of the two - design and business, beauty and power.


Bespoke Strategy & Design

“The entire experience of working with her was just phenomenal. Amelia clearly understood my vision and what I was looking for and then went above and beyond. She is so creative, professional. I can’t say enough great things.”


white glove design built on business foundations

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Design Portfolio

“She not only made my website look beautiful, she explained why she did the things she did and why they work well in a website. My brand feels so much more professional now and people who come to my website get a sense of that. she is so professional, inspirational..."



You Bring the Vision,
We'll Build the Brand.


We believe in becoming true partners with our clients, selecting only projects we feel aligned with and then diving in to share with them the deep transformation that comes with strategically executed design - building partnerships, aligned client rosters, confidence in creating, launching, and sharing your products & services, liberating you to show up as your highest self & simultaneously increasing your bottom line.